Happy Saturday y’all! I’ve been up to a TON of music-related stuff lately. Our band played with Grammy-nominated saxophonist and Northside alum Mindi Abair last weekend, which was a lot of fun! But this week we also had assessments for choir on Wednesday and band on Thursday, in addition to band practices on Monday and Wednesday and musical rehearsal on Thursday. We’ve been running nonstop.

Friday was a bit of a break, so I wore my PBA shirt! Notice the matching blue sparkly bow 🙂



And I just got back from a winter guard competition. I got to see my friends and kiddos perform, and they were amazing!

My kiddos!

My kiddos!


This Thursday we leave on our band and choir trip. I’m writing this blog on the run, so now I’m gonna turn it over to Emily. Hit it, Ems!


I can definitely relate to the busy life of a musician, Sarah! I am in my school’s production of The Wizard of Oz and I have rehearsals just about every night for about 2 hours. It’s kind of like getting cast for a job, not just for a school show. But I am having so much fun!! We had a work day today and I got to help build the set pieces and get a peek at one of my costumes. This show is gonna be awesome!!

Also, I get to teach Sunday school for the 1st-3rd graders at church on Sunday, and I am super pumped!

Last Friday, I got to sing in a master class! A professor named Dr. King who has a ton of experience and knowledge came and there were several master classes held; singers performed and he helped them get better. I sang in the one just for first year students, and he gave me great comments!

I got all dressed up to perform!

I got all dressed up to perform!

My hair after my friend Christina fixed it :)

My hair after my friend Christina fixed it 🙂

I also got to go to my local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital and help clean the facility. Phi Mu’s philanthropy is CMNH so we are always looking for ways to help and support them. We cleaned a stairwell, and between the music and the snapchats, we were probably having too much fun by the end 🙂

My Phi Mu sis Maddie!

Snapchat with Maddie!

Only one more week until Spring Break! Mine is actually at the same time as Sarah’s. I can’t wait to come home to sunshine and family adventures!

Hope you have a wonderful week!

-Emily and Sarah




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