About Us

This wonderful blog is run by Emily Scott and Sarah Cate 🙂

2 States 2 Styles began as an idea.


When Emily graduated and moved, I started sending her pictures of my outfits nearly every day, and she would send me pictures of what she was wearing. One day, I jokingly said that we should start a blog, but then I started getting excited about it. Emily and I were in choir together before she graduated, so she and I have quite a bit in common. We both enjoy baking, we both enjoy singing, and we both are secretly Disney Princesses.

(shhhhh… I’m Belle)


I love living in Birmingham, Alabama that’s for sure, but often I think of my friends who are still in high school. Sarah has sort of become my connection to what is going on back home, and she is always well informed about my college adventures. Sarah also has kept me in the loop in regards to things we both like, such as clothes and singing, hence the creation of this blog. We have decided to join forces and share these things with you people!

Oh, and yes, we are Disney Princesses, because I’m Aurora.


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